In every small-town-Alberta was a grain elevator that stood steadfast in its purpose to provide identity and gainful services to the community therein.  Along-side these “prairie sentinels” and edging pathways to-and-fro often grew bushes rife with wild berries rendering a summer afternoon stroll lucrative in its bounty.  These succulent wild berries, the scents and sounds of prairie summers and the soothing satisfaction that quiet contemplation brings are the inspiration for Prairie Berry Dry Gin, meticulously crafted in the London Dry style using botanicals such as saskatoon berries, juniper berries, raspberries, black currants and a variety of others. Find us online for cocktail recipes.

Prairie Berry Dry Gin

Esters and aromas of Alberta's most flavorful wild berries are subtle and balanced with citrus notes whilst prominent enough to support 47% alcohol to a smooth finish unlike any other gin you've tried.  This gin has the versatility to provide a base for a variety of Martinis but can also stand on it's own in a simple G&T (Gin and Tonic) or a Gin Rickey.  Check out our recipes page for more cocktail ideas.