Barrel Spice Gin

Crafted for versatility our Barrel Spice Gin was reverse-engineered to be the perfect Negroni Gin, using a unique spice profile to complement the bitterness of the Campari and the Sweetness of the Sweet Vermouth. Rich flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, espresso bean, cloves, vanilla, orange peel, ginger, star anise and sarsaparilla root are subdued and accented by charred barrel oak resting, smoothly balancing a barrel-strength 47% alcohol.  This Gin is a completely unique but surprisingly versatile, adding a bold dimension to a simple Gin & Tonic, enjoyed on it’s own over ice or played with in boozy cocktails such as the Trapper’s Cabin. Visit our Cocktails page for recipes like the Trapper’s Cabin, our take on a Gin Old Fashioned. 

~ Rob Gugin ~

Head Distiller

negroni pic.JPG

Moonshining was a lucrative enterprise during Alberta’s Prohibition period. Territorial rivalries amongst “Shiners” inspired recipe variations with different flavor profiles to create demand for their own “brand”. Local Rumrunners would transport Moonshine by rail in oak casks and barrels often bribing or threatening to ensure the safe conveyance of these coveted spirits. Our Barrel Spice Distilled Gin is a tributary throwback to this era using an authentic outlaw recipe comprising vintage proprietary botanicals and spices, subdued and complemented by oak barrel-resting.