Pickled Pepper Vodka

Cousin to it’s American counterpart the Bloody Mary, the Vodka Caesar was first conceived in Calgary in the 1960’s and has been our own misunderstood darling-cocktail ever since. We intensify our Vodka with our own house-made savory, sour and spicy pickled pepper brine using locally sourced peppers to lend a bold dimension to our Province’s classic cocktail.  So uniquely mouth-watering, if you truly wish to experience Alberta’s Vodka Caesar, our Pickled Pepper Vodka is a definitely a crowd favorite.
— Rob Gugin ~ Head Distiller

We want to reintroduce you to Alberta's classic cocktail. Bold and delicious, this savory, sour and spicy vodka packs a wallop in both flavor and potency. Enjoy an incredible Caesar at the party without carrying along all of the ingredients needed to concoct it with perfect consistency. We've included everything you need in one bottle, including 47% alcohol ensuring you won't run out of this delicious Caesar cocktail base in case you’re forced to share for the evening. Check out our recipes page for other great cocktail ideas.