Balancing traditional methods with exacting principles, it is with appreciation for those who work hard and are handed nothing that we craft our Premium Single Malt Vodka.  Conceived from only the finest quality Alberta-grown malt to offer a uniquely understated flavor profile and four-times distilled in small batches to ensure the purest artisanal Vodka available, it is you the farmer, you the tradesperson, you the oil & gas worker, you the Albertan that inspires our unwavering pursuit of a Premium Single Malt Vodka worthy of its origin. Find us online for cocktail recipes.

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Enjoy our Premium Single Malt Vodka neat, over ice or as a base for vodka cocktails.  This clean and smooth Vodka sets itself apart from the rest of the top-shelf Vodkas in that a Malted Barley character is present and adds distinction to a spirit that is typically void of flavour.   A whisky hibrid of sorts, our Premium Single Malt Vodka showcases Alberta's exception barley growers and maltsters, and in doing so, pushes boundries to redefine Vodka for Albertan consumers by offering a subtle sweetness from malted barley and a “toasted biscuit” component after clearing the pallet.