To The Community.


Who is OPSD? We’re a small-batch distillery in the heart of Alberta’s barley belt; sourcing, crafting and supplying local.



Alberta’s Community Spirit


Who’s in our community?

You. You are the courageous income earners that put on your armor each day and do battle for your families. You get up early and stay late knowing full-well that the job's not done until it’s done right. You don't back down from a challenge but face it boldly and overcome. Your word is your bond. Better done is greater than better said. You’ve got a rebellious heart and you aren't satisfied with the status quo. Your only competition is yesterdays version of yourself. You are the hardest worker in the room. You say please and thank you, and you look ‘em in the eye when you shake hands. You stand tall and proud over what you've built. So do we….

…you are our community spirit. And we are yours.